About Çeşme:

Çeşme whose historic name is known as Cyssus is the pier of Erythrai (Ildırı) which is one of 12 cities of Ionia. Itdraws attention with historical richness of Çeşme which is the first ancient settlement of the penisula called as Ildırı. Erythrai (Ildırı) thought to have established by Cretan is surrounded by impressive stonewalls and home to Athenatemple of BC7th century.

Located in the Persiandomination, Çeşme region met with Turks thanks to Turkish sailor ÇakaBeyin 11th century and completely passed to Ottoman domination at the end of 14th century.

Çeşme which has recently become the apple of domestic and foreign tourists’ eyes is the home of Ilıca, Alaçatı, Çiflikköy, Dalyanköy, Şifne, Ildırı towns which are more famousand attractive from each other.

The most famous town of the region, Alaçatı was a famous town with viticultureand winemaking in history but today writes its name to history with developing tourism, boutique hotels and especially with windsurfing.

Alaçatı which is the most favorite holiday spot of our country is the most attractive region of Çeşme with stone houses, boutique hotels, quality venues, vivid entertainment life, beautiful bays and beaches.

Kalyon Çeşme located in the most beautiful spot of Ilıca offers its gests to discover Çeşme with its proximity to these towns.

Çeşme is indispensible for shoppers with bazaars and traditional art works and shops offering tastes.

Food and Beverage:

Çeşme offers special tastes with its natural wealth and deep food and beverage culturefor gastronomy lovers.The most important special flavors of Çeşme; Çeşme kumrusu, gum jam, fish types, and nearly 100 varieties of herbs provide Çeşme to have wide place in health and taste map of the world. Gumtrees which first found in Çeşme6thousand years ago are the ornament of Çeşme with their flowers andevergreen leaves. Gum mastic gives flavor to coffees and desserts in the region with its specialsmell.

Çeşme appeals to travel enthusiasts with the festivals held in Çeşme throughout the year. Among these festivals; Çeşme Festival, Offshore International Fishing Tournament, Wine Festival, Herb Festival, Windsurfing, Kite Festival, Alaçatı Fishing Tournament are the activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family.


Çeşme Museum and Castle: One of the most attractive historical artifacts in the town is Çeşme Castle. The Castel was built in 1508 and has Ottoman architecture and it can be visited as a museum.

Alaçatı Memiş Aga Mosque: If you interested in historical places we advise you to visit Haji Memiş Aga Mosque. The construction of the mosque dates back to 200 years ago.

Alaçatı Houses: Alaçatı Houses that have become a symbol of Alaçatı with its traditional stone architecture have been added to tourism by restoration recently.

Windmills: Another symbol of Alaçatı is windmills. The windmills whose majority restored and put into service as the restaurant and cafes must be seen.

Alaçatı Square: It is a place where the activity continues every hour of the day and where deemed as the heart of Alaçatı. Cafes, restaurants and shops are here.

Çeşme Marina:Opened in 2010, the marina Çeşme began to create more attraction for local and foreign tourists.Shops and restaurants in the Marina has become another attraction reason for visitors of Çeşme.

AyaYorgiBay: AyaYorgi Bay which is the most popular entertainment center of Çeşme is the home for many beaches and clubs. The venues serving as beaches daytime turns into stylishrestaurantsand nightclubs with the first lights of evening.

Fountains: There are 11 fountains in the town which takes its name from fountains withabundant healing and mineral water and with increasing cold water each passing day.

Beaches: Generally, there are beaches suitable to "beach club" concept in Alaçatı. Such places which are the home of sea-sun at daytime and party – entertainment couple at night attract the attention of the visitors of all ages.

In addition to these places, you can also go to Çark beach which is the most famous beach of Alaçatı. This place is also the most preferred bay by surfers in Alaçatı. AyaYorgi bay is also the home for the most popular beaches and clubs of the region. The beaches such as Ilıca, Altınkum, TekkeKoyu, Çiftlikköy, Pırlanta, Şifne, PaşaLimanı, Kocakarı beachesand Boyalık, Sakızlıkoy, AlaçatıPiyade Bay are also the other natural wonders waiting to be discovered.


Alaçatı is not only the beaten track of windsurfing lovers in our country but also those in the world. Alaçatı bay which is one of the world's leading windsurfing centerswith its winds throughout the year and its wavy and shallow sea is the home tomanysurf schoolsin international standards. Alaçatı recently makes a name with international surfing championships and tournaments and hosts famous surfers of the world.

Diving Tours

Çeşme is among the major diving spots and it offers an alternative with shipwrecksandunderwater riches for diving lovers.



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